About Paparkone

PAPARKONE is my personal project.
Rised in Italy (Naples), in a land of contrasts, colors and art, I always carry with me such a interesting baggage.
From father teacher of mathematics and mother pianist, the dichotomy between rational and creative continues to inspire me.
Kitchen lover, I keep my grandmother’s manuscript recipe, from there the passion for the kitchen and the notebooks, faithful tools always on my desk and in my pocket. Architect, designer, illustrator and ceramist I have been trained among Naples, Rotterdam and Barcelona. I combine my profession of architect and designer with pottery and often points of view are mixed becoming an unexpected product. My works as pottery maker have architectural shapes and my interior design works are full of handcrafted details.
Man 100% Mediterranean, I decide to move to Mallorca where the force of nature predominates. Here I explore the landscapes and colors, I mold the clay and I experience new textures.
Not interested in massive production, I am focus on slow handcrafted design. In a way I take care of my clients giving to them an object with soul and unique.

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